So. We’re here. Few will actually read this post.

Like so many things, this has it’s origins in procrastination. I don’t especially feel like writing this thesis proposal, so I decided to start the blog I’ve spent the past few … days… thinking about.

I’ve began countless (uh, two or three) blogs in the past, only to have them fizzle out after a few months. I’m attributing this to lack of direction or purpose. This one will be different. Or maybe not. We’ll see

My aim is for this to be a hybrid science/pop culture blog. My major academic interests are paleoanthropology and vertebrate paleontology, so expect those to be well represented. Also, I’ll probably be trying to write about movies. Not just reviews of movies I’ve recently watched, but also maybe more in depth analysis of movies I really love. We’ll see.

The title. The title of this blog is subject to change (but the url isn’t so… it’ll probably stick around). Cool people will recognize it being from Scott Pilgrim (both the books and the movie, if I recall). Those people who know what the quote is referring to may find the title a bit strange, as the scientific subjects of this blog are almost exclusively dealing with the past. I thought of some long and convoluted justification for it while I was in the shower, but it doesn’t really make much sense anymore. I don’t think it matters. It sounds pretty cool. And really, does The Loom (the name of Carl Zimmer’s science blog) give you any idea of what it is about besides generally evoking LucasArts adventure game nostalgia? I thought not.

There are a lot of really great bloggers out there who are doing similar things, no doubt. But hopefully this specific combination of disciplines will be fairly unique.


About alexclaxton

Paleoanthropology grad student, pop culture obsessive
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  1. Lia says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this. I’ll make the broad, unfounded claim that too few people in the world who focus on the past are adequately founded in the present. As such, I approve of the plan to include pop culture commentary adjacent to information on old dead things.

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